Gutenberg Framework


Print (or use the print preview) to see the result with Gutenberg.


Hide elements

To hide elements to be printed you can simply add the class no-print.

Force break page

Gutenberg provides two ways to break a page, the class page-break-before will to break before and page-break-after to break after. Example:
<!-- The title will be on a new page -->
<h1 class="page-break-before">My title</h1>

<p class="page-break-after">I will break after this paragraph</p>
<!-- Break here, the next paragraph will be on a new page -->
<p>I am on a new page</p>

Not reformat links or acronym

If you do not want to reformat the links, acronym or abbreviation to show the full url or title, you can use the class no-reformat.

Force to print background

To force backgrounds to be printed (can be useful when you "print" a pdf), add this CSS (compatible with Safari and Chrome) :
-webkit-print-color-adjust: exact;
        print-color-adjust: exact;